If you are in doubt whether you possess an authentic bag, you can have it authenticated by Revalue My Bag. The brands we authenticate are Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

How we will authenticate your bag

We will do this through a considerable number of photos that you are allowed to take for Revalue My Bag and submit on the website. We use a wealth of experience and knowledge for this purpose. It is crucial that the photos are taken in the specified manner; they must be sharp and taken in daylight. We do not authenticate bags with a microchip. If you need assistance, you can always email me or send a message via WhatsApp

Why would you actually have your bag authenticated?

Because you want to know if that beautiful second-hand Chanel bag you bought on that big platform is truly authentic. Or that beautiful bag in your grandma’s attic, could it be a genuine?

Authentication Form

To authenticate your bag, we require information and photos of the bag. Do you have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to ask via WhatsApp or email.

*Pictures shown are a guideline and may not look exactly like your item.