Best investment bags according to Revalue My Bag

The best thing about my job and what inspired my work as a reseller is that my favorite bag is also a good investment. Because nothing is more sad to me than spending a lot of money on a designer bag and then finding out that your bag has dropped significantly in value. For example, I bought my Gucci Indy bag in the summer of 2007, it was love at first sight and the purchase price was a hefty €1,799 for 2007. For the same amount you could buy a timeless double flap bag in the Chanel store (if only I knew then). I sold this Gucci bag in very good condition again in 2014 for €560. Gucci has an amazing collection of bags, but unfortunately not a good choice as an investment.

I have personally purchased and resold the bags in this top 5 list, so I speak from experience. I bought and sold all the bags in this top 5 myself. There are currently few investment. that are doing better than designer bags from Hèrmes and Chanel. For a Chanel timeless bag you paid (only) €5,150 in April 2020, this bag costs €9,700 today (April 2023). That is an annual return of 23.2%. In 5 years, the new price for a Chanel timeless bag has doubled. The forecast is that price increases will decrease slightly in the coming years. Below are the best investment bags that Revalue My Bag would recommend. I’m going to add another article with a checklist that you should pay attention to if you want to purchase one of these bags as an investment bag.



Hermès Mini Kelly 20, preferably one in exotic leather. This bag has held the top spot among the rich and famous for five years and has been celebrated as a status symbol by many influencers. The cheapest version of this bag cost €6,700. However, those willing and able to pay and purchase this bag from Hermès are in for a surprise. Firstly, you have to wait outside in line before being allowed in. Once you’re inside, getting your hands on a Hermès Mini Kelly bag in no guarantee. If you are lucky (or spend enough), you might be put on a waiting list, and it could still take 1 to 2 years to acquire one. However, once you finally have a Mini Kelly bag, even in the cheapest version, it’s worth around €18,000.That’s a return approximately 168%. And that is the best excuse to purchase this beauty.



At number 2 is another Hermès bag. The famous Hermès Birkin bag named after the recently deceased actress Jane Birkin. The Birkin Bag is available in various sizes. If you want to purchase a Birkin as an investment, my advice is to go for a size 25. This is currently the most sought after size. However, trends come and go, and it could easily be that size 35 becomes the most desired in two years. A Birkin 25 in the least expensive version costs €8,000. Just like the Mini Kelly, there’s a waiting list of approximately 1 to 2 years for this model. But once you get your hands on one, by the time you walk out of the Hermès store with the distinctive orange paper bag, it’s already worth around €20,000.That’s a return of 150%. This return applies only if you resell the bag shortly after buying it. If you decide to keep and use the bag, its value may decrease slightly due to use. However, if you take good care of the bag and plan to sell it after a few years, you can still expect a return of approximately 100%. So this is a positive motivation to add this beautiful Hermès Birkin Bag to your collection.



Number 3 is again a bag from Hermès, the Constance bag. This bag has been in production since 1959 and is now almost as popular as the Birkin or the Kelly Bag. The bag is characterized by a large letter H as a closure on the front of the bag. And this model is also available in various sizes. My advice is to choose a size 18 or 24. These are the most sought-after sizes at the moment. The starting price is €6,700 and by the time you walk out of the store, this bag is worth between €13,000 and €15,000.



At number 4, also really worth the investment, the Chanel timeless bag in medium size. And this bag is much easier to get hold of than a Hèrmes bag. With this bag it is not the case that if you were able to get one new, it is immediately worth more money. But everything indicates that Chanel has taken a good look at Hermès and that they want to copy Hermès selling methods. A few years ago, you could simply walk into the Chanel store and purchase a Timeless model. Today, it’s a different story; you have to beg your SA (that is your regular contact at Chanel) to get your hands on this model. Anyway, this bag will yield a faster return if you can buy it vintage or a bit younger, but not new. Two years ago, Chanel Timeless vintage bags sold for an average of €4,000 and today a Chanel timeless vintage bag sells for around €6,000 (provided it is in excellent condition). Calculate your profit.



At number 5, we have the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in monogram canvas. This one is much more budget-friendly compared to the previously mentioned options.These mini accessories cost €210 in 2017, today one costs €570. That is an annual return of 18%.