The do’s and don’ts when purchasing your investment bag

Checklist for purchasing your investment bag

Please note that these tips only apply if you want to purchase a second-hand designer bag as an investment bag.


Examine the condition of the bag. Look for:

  • Damages
  • Dents in the leather
  • Discolored hardware
  • Evidence of a visit to a handbag spa

For us, these factors are deal-breakers. While these bags are still beautiful and worth wearing, they might not be suitable as investment bags.



If the bag comes with a dust bag, box, authenticity card or receipt, you probably have the perfect investment bag. If there are no accessories with a bag, it is less easy to sell. This makes your designer bag less valuable. This is not useful if you want to sell your investment bag again after 5 years and use that return to purchase a designer bag in a higher price range.



Some vintage Chanel bags lack a hologram an 8-digit code on the inside of the bag.Chanel used this code until April 2021.If your bag doesn’t have it, it could be because the hologram has worn off, or the bag received a new lining at a handbag spa. Chanel bags produced before 1984 also lack hologram sticker. Bags without the hologram are challenging to sell, and according to us, not a good investment.


Starting in 2021, Chanel transitioned to using a microchip with unique code instead of the hologram. This chip is located inside the bag and can be scanned in any Chanel store. It provides information about where and when the bag was purchased but doesn’t reveal the bag’s age, unlike the hologram.



It’s advisable to invest in a leather bag. Bags made of fabric, tweed or the current trend of raffia are beautiful, but leather lasts longer if you take good care of it.


Choose a timeless model. Today’s trendy designer bag is might be fashionable, but in five years, the trend could have passed, and nobody may desire your raffia bag anymore.


Color is key, or is it? Revalue My Bag advises you to choose a black one when purchasing an investment bag. Black remains the most sold ‘colour’.