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The new Chanel Kelly Bag is finally in store

After a long wait and endless speculation by Chanel lovers and collectors, the new Chanel Kelly bag can finally be admired in Chanel boutiques. At least, for the lucky ones who got there in time. The Kelly bag is already sold out at the Chanel boutique in Amsterdam, in black. Fans already saw this model on the catwalk at the presentation of the autumn/winter 23/24 collection. They immediately declared this bag the IT bag of 2023. The bag was also seen on actress Margot Robbie on the red carpet to promote the Barbie film, in which she is a producer and plays the leading role. Robbie managed to secure an exclusive deal with Chanel for this film and was therefore able to shine on the red carpet with the most beautiful bags, including a Chanel Kelly bag from the new collection in coral pink.


Although the bag in the current collection is not officially called the Kelly bag, it does show similarities with the vintage model. The vintage model can be recognized by its shape, top handle and 24-carat gold hardware. The bag from the current collection has the same shape and top handle, with difference in the hardware and strap. The current collection bag features light gold hardware, as opposed to the 24-karat gold of the vintage version. Another difference is that the current Kelly comes with a chain, which is very nice because you can now also wear the bag crossbody. The new Kelly bag is available in 2 different sizes and is crafted of shiny aged calf leather, with light gold hardware. The bag is comes in coral pink, light pink, white, blue, red and black. The small size is 8.3 x 12.5 x 4 cm and costs €2900. The larger size is 13 x 19 x 7 cm and costs €4300.


If you manage to acquire a new Kelly bag now, especially in the larger size in black, it can be consider a wise investment. The larger size in black has already been sold out worldwide, and the market immediately reacts to this and the price rises. This week, one is listed on the Fashionphile website ( a reseller based in America) for €8,450. This is an almost 100% return on this bag. Because the bag is sold through a reseller, this means that 70% goes to the private seller and 30% to Fashionphile. This means the private seller still enjoys a return of almost 70%, which is a quick and profitable investment.

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